You’re Winning at This Parenting Thing

No one ever said parenting was easy… but it is, without a doubt, the most rewarding gig we’ll ever have. Our days are filled with countless decisions, saying “no” more than we ever thought possible, managing schedules, getting our kids up and moving – even when they resist, and
somehow having our own social lives, getting food on the table, and keeping a clean house in between. It’s exhausting – rewarding for the most part, but exhausting. And, if you’re anything like me, most days, you feel like you’re always forgetting something.

Please know that, no matter how many dishes sit on the counter at night or how dirty the living room rug may be, you’re doing something amazing.

You undoubtedly love your kids – which is priceless in and of itself. But beyond that, you’re serving them daily – beyond providing for their basic needs.

You take time out of your busy schedule to get them to and from practices, rearrange weekend plans, and wrangle carpool schedules to cover the inevitable gaps. You launder practice gear and uniforms, pitch in on fundraisers, check in with coaches, and stay up late writing notes when you have concerns or praises.

You prep game-day snacks, coordinate awards programs, host teammates and friends at your home, and work extra hours to cover the costs that come with having active, involved kids. You stay up late to get back online and finish work you didn’t get done during business hours due to practices or weekday meets.

You give and give and give of yourself. It’s exhausting, but it’s amazing. You are amazing.

Because of you, your kids are building healthy habits that will carry through their lives. They are building social skills and lasting friendships, learning to communicate clearly, and experiencing the successes that come with hard work. They’re learning how to work through frustration and
disappointment, to persevere and get back up when things don’t immediately work how they want them to. They’re learning how to manage their time and balance their workloads, to make their time count, and what it means to contribute to the team.

Sports are not just about building skills (they’re about that, too, of course). They’re about building lifelong skills, character, and an ability to be a contributing member of a team.

Many kids miss out on these valuable experiences; yours aren’t, and that’s because of you. Parenting doesn’t come with a rulebook, and on any given day, we question whether we’re doing the right thing. Know that you’re doing it right. You are amazing.

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