All of our Coaching Staff have the following certifications:

  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • Safety/risk Management
  • Background check
  • U100 Certification
  • Safe Sport Certification
  • Attend yearly Regional Congress (gymnastics Coaches training)



Nancy Taylor grew up in Hood River, Oregon where she rode the bus after school to gymnastics classes several days each week.  If she wasn't at the gym you could find her at a dance class or piano lessons.  She loved the days she got to go to gymnastics because she learned how to work hard and to have the patience to achieve many different skills.   As a young girl she was very shy and gymnastics gave her the confidence and strength to come out of her shell and make a lot of new friendships.    In 1993 she married her high school sweetheart and they have 3 children. When she had children of her own she wanted them to take gymnastics classes as well.  Her gymnastics experience allowed her the opportunity to volunteer at her children's gymnastics school.

She is a Piano Instructor for Children & Adults in Gearhart, Oregon.   She has been a Piano Instructor for the past 22 years and truly loves it!
CrossFit has also played a large roll in her life.  She is currently a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids Certified instructor.  Before opening Infinity in January 2017 she coached CrossFit Kids classes for 3 years.  Her passion is teaching children that exercise is fun and create a life long enjoyment of fitness in whatever activity or sport they choose.



Darian Hageman was born and raised in Astoria, OR. She started competing on a competitive gymnastics team at the age of 4 and continued on until she was 16 years old. She then started her coaching career. Starting with Acro classes in dance studios, she learned how much joy coaching could bring into her life. Before she moved away to pursue college track for a couple years, she coached at Infinity when we were still located in the Armory! In 2020, Darian officially came back to Astoria to continue coaching; this time coaching our competition team and taking over the Recreation Director position. She has been here in one form or another ever since and her passion for coaching has only grown. She places importance on teaching skills in a safe and progressionary manner as well as teaching confidence and self-worth within her gymnasts.



Halie was born and raised in Warrenton Oregon. Growing up she participated in karate and dance. She currently attends Warrenton High School where she does sideline and competitive cheer and does pole vault and long jump on the track team. In her free time Halie enjoys going surfing with her friends, painting, and going for drives on the beach. She enjoys working at Infinity because she loves watching & helping the students get excited to get a new skill and watching them grow.



Cece was born in California, but spent most of her life living in Arizona and Washington. She has been fascinated with gymnastics ever since she was 7 years old and started coaching when she was 16. In her free time, she likes to listen to music and spend time with her cat, Bella. Cece enjoys working at Infinity because it's nice to see students grow confident in their abilities to become the best they could be & make progress!