Keeping Active as a Family

We’re all sports parents here – so we’re used to shuttling our kids between meets and practices, and to supporting them along the way. Many of us have our own gym memberships and take time during the week to keep ourselves in shape. But what many families often miss is the opportunity to get active together.

That doesn’t necessarily mean trying to relax during Savasana with your full crew in tow (though yoga is a lifelong journey!) – but there are tons of ways to bond and stay active together outside of your various physical health pursuits.

Roller-skating – Rinks may not be as prevalent as they were in the 80’s and 90’s, but they are still out there and offer open skate just like they did when we were growing up. Take your kids along and have fun racing, limbo-ing, and dancing the afternoon away.

Ice skating – Ice skating is a fun way to burn a few calories while building muscles and balance. You can always rent and – bonus – hot cocoa is practically mandatory for after you’re done.

Bike rides – Family bike rides are one of my personal favorite past times, and something the whole family can enjoy together at any age. If you’re a runner with young kids, consider having them bike alongside you. There are several ways to carry babies with, from trailers that attach to the back of the bike to baby seats so they can sit alongside you.

Trampoline park – Be honest – as you’ve watched your kids play on the trampolines, you’ve been tempted to go join in on the fun. Stop thinking about it and do it! Fair warning – those flips and tricks look much easier than they are and there is no shame in simple jumps or racing down the trampoline runs: you’ll have just as much fun as you did as a kid.

Mini golf – Who doesn’t love a game of mini golf? While you may not burn a ton of calories, it still gets you outdoors and moving around a bit, so it counts.

Batting cages – Even if your kids don’t play baseball or softball, they’ll have a good time at the batting cages. Beyond building hand-eye coordination, it’s a great way to blow off some steam!

Driving range – Lots of people who don’t actually golf enjoy going to the driving range. It builds a skillset they likely wouldn’t otherwise get to exercise (no pun intended) and is a great way to release some aggression – without hacking up your own lawn! Win-win!