Are You Ready to Give Your Children an Unfair Advantage in Life?

At our academy, we strive to be much more than just a Gymnastics Academy!  You deserve a full curriculum that helps to develop your children socially and cognitively as well as physically.  That is why we are proud to have Child and Adolescent Development Specialist, Robyn J. A. Silverman, PhD as a member of our staff.  Dr. Robyn provides a multitude of resources to the families of our academy for the betterment of our children.
Here at Infinity Gymnastics, our character education program used within the context of our organized Gymnastics, Acro/Tumble, Cheer & Ninja Kidz classes, invites students to listen, share, discover and reflect on the ways to become upstanding members of our community as well as confident individuals in their own right.  Let’s work together to help all of our children achieve their most POWERFUL PERSONAL BEST!