Turning Everyday Activities into Exercise

The going recommendation is one hour of active play every day – and, while we hope your kids regularly exceed that recommendation, we know that staying active during the cold and rainy season can prove a bit of a struggle. Thankfully, while outdoor sports do provide a great outlet for that energy, they’re not the only way to get those active minutes – there are plenty of ways to get activity in our everyday activities, too. As a bonus, cleaning and chores are a great way to get dual benefits of a clean house and active kids. Here are a few ways to get activity minutes any day of the year.

True, your kids aren’t likely to go jumping up and down at the idea of doing chores – but mopping is a great way to burn some calories, stay moving, and tone those arms. Take the chore out of the equation and instead make it fun! Embrace your inner Pippi Longstocking and strap some sponges, towels, or Swiffer dusters to your kiddos feet. The mopping quickly goes from mundane chore to a fun opportunity to go skating indoors.

Cleaning Baseboards
This one definitely falls into the chore category, but hey – it has to be done. Cleaning baseboards is a sneaky way to work those quads and glutes, thanks to all of the squatting and stand up/ sit down action. Remove the groaning by turning it into a game – hand each of your kiddos a bucket and a sponge and challenge them to a race. Points are given based on speed and quality – whoever wins gets to pick dinner for the night.

Walking the Dog
Fact of life – Fido still needs to get outside, even when it’s gross out. Walking is a great way to keep your kids active and also teach them safety and responsibility.

Anything Goes
Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning blinds… it doesn’t matter what it is – it’s always more fun with music. Turn the mundane into a dance party by blasting your kids’ choice of tunes and dancing your way through cleaning the house. When you’re done, continue the party.

There are plenty of ways to break your kids away from the TV and get them moving – it’s all about making everyday activities fun and turning things into a game whenever possible. And if all else fails, indoor obstacle courses are always a good fail-safe.