Kuddos to You for Keeping Your Kids Active

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’re doing everything right as parents – but there’s one thing you’re doing right without a doubt: keeping your kids active. Whether they’re in gymnastics, or ninja, or martial arts, or soccer or baseball, what’s important is that they’re doing something active. But in case you need a reminder of why you spend your weekends and countless hours of your year attending practices, meets and games, and tournaments, here are five reasons why keeping your kids active is important.

Healthy body – Sports build healthy bones and muscles, which in turn burns even more calories. This maintains (or creates) a healthy living weight which will benefit them and give their better chances of staying at a healthy weight throughout their lives.

Lowers health risks – But more than improving external health and appearances, staying active changes the body’s internal chemistry as well. Activity and maintaining a healthy weight help to regulate blood sugar levels, a key component to preventing Type 2 diabetes.

Improved sleep – Getting enough activity during the day is proven to help children get enough sleep during night. Activity helps to not only tire kids out and expend energy, but to regulate proper sleep patterns throughout the night and manage the internal clock.

Stress management – Physical activity goes a long way to releasing some steam and stress. Though the pressures of school and growing up may seem small to us as we put them in perspective within our own lives, to our children, those pressures are very real and a huge part of their world. Sports are a great outlet to relieve that stress and tension, helping children to refocus and drive productivity.

Confidence and social skills – Sports are a great way to build friendships and social skills. Team sports and individual sports both have their merits, helping children to learn emotions, empathy, and how to work as part of something bigger. Additionally, one of the byproducts of staying active is building a healthy physique which can lead to self-confidence.

There are so many reasons to keep your kids active – and to be an active part of that activity. Beyond the health and social benefits, their activities also present a great opportunity for you to be a part of something that matters to them. So take advantage of the moment and encourage that activity – kudos to you.