We are excited to announce that we have merged with Ninja Kidz to improve on our Ninja program!  To get a good idea of the Ninja Kidz program you can watch this short video that was made by Ninja Kidz TV!!!

We are very excited for everyone's future! Together we will be learning obstacle course training, skill based training, freestyle martial arts movements, safe-indoor parkour, and THE WAYS OF THE NINJA!  All of our instructors are NINJA KIDZ CERTIFIED and pass through a complete instructor training course.

The Ninja Kidz Program consists of 4 levels.  White bands, Red bands, Blue bands, and Black bands.  Moving up the levels will require each ninja to dedicate time, effort, and individual reliance.  It takes a lot of discipline to make it all the way to Black Bands!

The Ninja Kidz Program will also consist of 3 main events.  Form Practice has a focus on freestyle martial arts gymnastics movements. Obstacle Practice has a focus on maneuvers around, over, or on different obstacles.  Climb practice has a focus on grip strength, obstacle course training, and bar skills.

Also, super exciting is the UNIFORMS!  Ninja Kidz will now be required to wear the proper Ninja Kidz uniform (Shirt and Wristbands) during class.  The wristbands will be color coordinated to the ninja’s level in order to easily identify what skills they should be working on during class.