5 Reasons Why Active Kids Rock

We all love our kids. Like, heart squeezes and wants to burst at least three times a day, love our kids. But then there are those moments when we just want to Velcro their little tushes to the couch and have 10 minutes of peace and quiet. Funny how that works. And while that feeling … Continued

3 Halloween Party Ideas That Have Nothing to Do With Candy

The temperatures are dropping and there’s that unique chill in the air that can only mean one thing… Halloween is near! There’s nothing quite like throwing a party to celebrate the spookiest day of the year… one that centers around creepy creatures and sugar highs. But about those sugar highs… let’s be honest, beyond the … Continued

Help Your Child Become Body-Confident

We all want our kids to be happy – and a big part of achieving that happiness is finding happiness with themselves. As our social media feeds fill up with stories of bullying and peer shaming, it’s hard not to feel like we’re fighting for the unattainable. So how can parents help their children to … Continued

Help Your Kids to Create Healthy Habits

We all want our kids to be healthy – and a big part of succeeding in that goal is to help them create healthy habits that they will carry throughout their lives. Here are a few ways to help foster those habits and encourage healthy behaviors at every age. Find exercise everywhere. In our adult … Continued

Prevent Summer Fitness From Falling Flat

Summers were made for days at the beach, baseball games, and long days spent outdoors, but even the most perfect of days can quickly head downhill if you aren’t ready for the sun and heat. Truth be told, heat kills more than 650 people in the United States every year. Children and infants are particularly … Continued

Turning Everyday Activities into Exercise

The going recommendation is one hour of active play every day – and, while we hope your kids regularly exceed that recommendation, we know that staying active during the cold and rainy season can prove a bit of a struggle. Thankfully, while outdoor sports do provide a great outlet for that energy, they’re not the … Continued

Sneaky Veggies: 3 Ways to Sneak Cauliflower into Dinner

For many, it’s more likely to become an Olympian than to get their child to happily eat – and enjoy – their vegetables. But thanks to our best friend, cauliflower, the odds may become ever in your favor. Cauliflower is incredibly versatile and, when cooked creatively, nearly undetectable to even the youngest of palettes. Here … Continued

Kuddos to You for Keeping Your Kids Active

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’re doing everything right as parents – but there’s one thing you’re doing right without a doubt: keeping your kids active. Whether they’re in gymnastics, or ninja, or martial arts, or soccer or baseball, what’s important is that they’re doing something active. But in case you need a reminder … Continued